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Light me up!

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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years. 1974-2014

Phoebus Lighting has established itself as one of the premiere lighting production houses in the United States. Our extensive credits include lighting design and production services for major motion pictures, large scale events and internationally attended trade shows.

Browse the pictures in our Headline Events area to see recent examples of our work, or in the Event Archive to see past projects. Then contact us to discuss your next project!

We collaborate with major studios to produce lighting effects for such films as "Batman Forever" and "Strange Days."

We can accentuate and mold the features of your locale, whether for one special night or for the decades to come.

We've been there for Olympic Opening Ceremonies and the Statue of Liberty Centennial celebration in New York harbor. Our expertise can help make the event spectacular.

The right lighting will set a mood, draw in customers and focus their attention where you want it. We've traveled the world to light the way for a host of prestigious corporate clients.

2800 Third Street, San Francisco CA 94107 USA